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Packing Supplies Made Easy

Are you preparing to move? Storage Depot of Ocala Florida has the packing supplies you need. When it comes to extra space, top of the line tools, and expert moving advice, we have it all in one convenient location. Keep reading for all the key packing supplies.

Packing supplies


  • Bubble wrap is great for protecting your fragile treasures. You can buy it in a roll, sheets and even pouches.
  • Choose the color and type of tape you need for your job, clear, tan, or paper. If you are sending packages out to a customer, consider getting the paper tape to create a clean package.
  • Drop clothes are not only great for home improvement projects but they will keep the base of your belongings moisture free.
  • Wardrobe boxes will solve the issue of moving hanging clothes without having to unpack and iron right away.
  • For vases or glassware, a protection kit will be helpful. With 12 individual areas for glasses your dining room set will not be missing any parts, due to breakage.
  • Along with our 24/7 security we recommend disk locks. Since they have the least amount of shackle exposed, your unit will be out of harms way.
  • Damp-Rid moisture control or odor gene will keep your belongings fresh and odor free. Remember these products last up to 90 days to have a refill on hand.
  • Wrap your items in newsprint and Kraft paper. Since everything is tightly packed in the boxes the paper will absorb any bumps in the road while transporting.
  • After your belongings, have been in the unit for a long time, you may forget which boxes contain breakables. To prevent any broken items or confusion, make sure to clearly mark what needs extra care when packing.
  • Our moving kit has an assortment of useful tools to get headed in the right direction.

Storage Depot of Ocala has the space and professionals to make every move a success. Stop by for a tour or to get your starter moving kit.

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